Vitafloor: Whole Body Vibration Training

Vitafloor® vibrating floor systems are a safe and easy way to give a horse both a versatile physical training and a massage in one go. The result is a notable improvement in blood circulation, especially in the legs and results have shown even in the upper body organs which helps ensure better health and injury prevention, as well as accelerating the healing process for injuries, and helping in colic prevention.


Vitafloor was specifically invented for horses, and uses the same well established physical and technological principles of whole body training (WBV) as are used for training astronauts to stimulate the development of bone density and muscle tone. The human version is adopted world-wide as an accepted means of raising overall fitness and the combustion of fat. Because it stimulates the blood circulation without the horse having to move, this makes it also a very effective therapy also for horses that are off work or on box rest.


How does it work

Vitafloor is a 5 inch thick floor with a layer of rubber on top. Vibration motors enable the floor to gently vibrate at different frequencies depending on the intended use, whether that is for maintenance and training or rehabilitation. The system is fully computerized and has a timer which automatically shuts the vibrations off when the program has run. The built in models also have the option for an integrated tilt mechanism which gently tilts the sides of the floor at intervals causing the muscles to be activated for an increased effect. All of our models are very safe and user-friendly, saving many man hours of work. There is no maintenance required, and the horses love it!!



We take over the supply and assembly of all vitafloor systems.   

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