The Columbus treadmill ideally supplements your horses’ daily exercise. Our treadmills feature a running surface crafted by proven technology, emulating the running quality of natural turf. We take great pains with the safety and furnishing of our treadmills. As standard equipment, our treadmills are fitted with a starting mechanism, a brake mechanism, an electrical panic mechanism, an ascent ramp, a non-slip surface, a motor with brake, a light barrier, two closing bars with panic catch and two sturdy side walls (1,60m in height) with quality wood filling and non-splintering panes.


Professional roller model 2721:

  • Powered by a 2.2 KW engine with brake
  • Infinitely variable speed transmission to approx. 10 km/h,
  • Equipment: roller belt (roller diameter 40 cm), turf technology with massage effect
  • Speed approx. 10 km/h, one light barrier, two safety closing bars (can be opened under horse’s weight), gangways at sides, all-round galvanized frame, two ramps (ascending and descending with two side walls) approx. 1.55 m high (galvanized) and painted, heavy-duty conveyor belt


Professional roller trot model 2711:

Powered by a 7.5 KW engine with brake, infinitely variable speed of transmission of approx.2 to 25 km/h. Equipment: Roller belt (roller diameter 40 cm), turf technology with massage effect, adjustable, one light barrier, all-round galvanized framework, two safety closing bars, gangways at sides, two side walls approx. 1.55 m high (galvanized and painted), two ramps (ascending and descending), heavy-duty conveyor belt


Data sheet

Weight approx. 1600kg < Length without ramps 3200mm
Length with ramp 6300mm < Total width 1800mm
Total height 2250mm < Effective length 3000mm
Effective width 870mm < Height of ascent 430mm



  • Electro-hydraulic gradient regulation to 6%, programme controlled, fully automatic
  • Hydraulic gradient regulation, manual hand pump
  • Time-switch clock
  • Transparent side panel
  • Transparent roofing
  • Digital speedometer
  • Coin Machine with cash tokens
  • Second ramp with non-slip surface


We take over the supply and assembly of all treadmills systems.   

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