"We are genuine horse people"

Since 1999 we are concerned with the development, supply and the production of high-quality products for equine husbandry. I’m proud of our company, of the people that work here and of the people we work with. We started small, were expanding rapidly and we will do whatever it takes to continue expanding with the same degree of commitment.


By my experience in horses I know how important it is to provide and be able to guarantee good quality. An important part of this is also maintaining (in all senses of the word) a good relationship with all people that work for or with Columbus. Together with these people we will be able to achieve our objectives: providing market and trend-conscious quality which will bring you and us success!


Kind regards,

Andreas Wegmann


"We are genuine horse people"


If you arrange an appointment you can also see many products at our own riding facilities or you can test products.     

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