On this page you will find links to partner companies and suppliers with whom Columbus has a close relationship. 


Eifel Zaunbau
Supply and assembly of fence systems throughout Europe


Krämer Pferdesport

Equestrian sports equipment with a huge assortment


Reitsport Schockemöhle
The equestrian equipment supplier in Germany and worldwide



Equisport Projekts
Supply and construction of riding grounds


Q-Line Products
Manufacturer of: horse walkers, equine solariums, treadmills, Safety Wall und wash bay equipment

Heritage Products
Manufacturer of: Columbus Ranch Fence, Elektra Raster 


Supplier for equestrian equipment (stable and pasture technology) 


Equipage and facilities

Vibration training


AXXENT Paardenstallen

Stables and more


TRANSPOFIX Equestrian Technology
Our partner branch in the south for Austria and Switzerland


Reitsportzentum Massener Heide


De Vries Birkenhof Ostertal Reitsportcenter


Dressurstall & Deckstation Rothenberger
Equestrian videos at



Columbus is not accountable for the contents of partner websites.

With the verdict of the 12th of May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für Links" (liablility of links), the  state court of  Hamburg has decided, that through the attachement of links, a company has to a certain degree a joint responsibility for the contents. According to the state court this can only be prevented by specifically repudiating from of these contents.

Hereby we specifically repudiate all contents of the websites which we attached as links on our own website and declare that we do not appropriate those contents.



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