Here you will learn more about our assemblies (whether Fences, Solariums, Exercisers,…) or the creation of an indoor or outdoor riding arena footing, lungeing areas,….


Our delivery options range from parcel service over pallet delivery by ashipping company, container delivery to overseas with air or sea freight as well as with our own fleet of vehicles ranging from a sand truck up to the wheeled loader, excavator, fence post drilling equipment,….


You would like to buy a horse solarium, a horse exerciser, a treadmill, a roof or fence for your horse exerciser, an indoor riding arena kick wall „safety wall “, a dressage arena fence, a riding area fence, a horse jump?

Too expensive? Lease it simply!


Since 2009 you can let your horse exerciser, treadmill or solarium and their accessories be examined by our test service.


Because safety for humans and animals is of utmost importance for our company..         

You can find more information under Download or Projects
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