Leasing / Test Service

Why you should lease instead of to buy when you are involved in equestrian sports:

Financing/leasing in the field of equestrian sports constantly increases. You preserve your own capital funds and receive so your credit clearance. Sponsors also prefer leasing over cash purchases, since the immediate capital expenditure is much smaller. Starting from a net value of 2.500 EUR and a appropriate credit history it is very simple:


Contact us and let us know

  • what you would like to lease,
  • what are the net costs and
  • how high the leasing rate should be.


Everything else - from the offer to the contract execution and the delivery - will be immediately arranged by us, and we will take care of your wishes up to the entire completion of all formalities.

We are your competent and reliable partner in the horse leasing and everything concerning equestrian sports.



  • You use tax benefits, since the leasing instalments are immediately deductible operating expenditure.
  • Since leasing is balance neutral, you have no additional fixed assets in the balance.
  • Your own capital funds and thus financial independence remain
  • You will take a lead position compared to your competitors by being able to invest more
  • You pay the leasing instalment from the incomes of the use of the leasing property. („pay as you earn” - effect)



Leasing makes it possible for you to work capital sparing and tax optimising, while working with the newest technology and the safest equipment.


You can contact us via info@columbus-de.com, Tel.: 0049 6597 961092 Fax: 961093 or ask simply our partner www.pferdesport-leasing.de



Every product which leaves our company will be delivered with a CE identification.

However it is important to regularly get the installations examined for your security. At increasing intervals we are asks by insurances for the security of the installation, when an accident or something alike has happened.

Which we will analyse.

All examinations are implemented after a specially developed examination list and NEN standards. After the devices/installations are examined, they will be consistent with the legally obligated ARBO decree.

Which you receive.

The equipment/installation receives a sticker, which tells you how long the validity period of the examination is and in addition you will receive a document on which you will find all relevant information of the equipment and the examination.

You can find more information under Download or Projects
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