Delivery Service

You do not wish an assembly or you have chosen a product which only needs delivering then you can use our delivery service.


We supply you with everything from the smallest screw to complete truck or container loads overseas.

Small pieces are usually send to you quickly and to reasonable prices via one of the usual parcel services world-wide within 24 hours.


Solariums, horse exerciser, treadmills, jumps, arena levellers,… require particularily with special wishes a delivery time. Solariums, horse exerciser, treadmills,… usually are delivered within 10 days after the order was placed. Birth alarm units, communications equipments, hoof path side plough,… are in stock and can be immediately delivered.


Sand supplies, geo flakes, Cocotop,… are available within 14 days after the order was placed.

If we take over the assembly or the installation of your riding surface, we also take over the arrangements for the delivery dates as agreed upon with you, so that the assemblies are completed quickly without problems and to your satisfaction.


All delivery specifications are under reservation depending upon order situation. 

You can find more information under Download or Projects
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