Free Horse Exercisers

Horsewalker LBE

Functional and economical! Particularly suitable for the private riding stable or small riding club, this model is unbeatable for price and quality. Simplest do-it-yourself assembly! Virtually maintenance-free in construction and practically noiseless in operation, this product speaks for itself.


Data sheet

Diameter 16m 3-6 horses
Hot-dip galvanized framework, low-noise direct drive
Control box WCB 1.0


Horsewalker HE

Professional equipment for professional people!
This horse exerciser is distinguished by high quality and technologically advanced design. Featuring a sturdy frame with heavy duty arms and a stylish centre piece with a rounded-off protective cover, this horse exerciser is a technical and optical triumph. The equipment is standard with some extra safety features such as the lightweight impact-proof horse-friendly drift fences.


Data sheet

Diameter 12-20m 3-8 horses
Hot-dip galvanized framework safety system
Electronic brake system walk – trot box
Low-noise V-belt drive control box WCB 2.0



The FLEX-R-CISER is more than just a horse exerciser. Thanks to its flexible design the FLEX-R- CISER can be set up on any surface of at least 16 square metres in area, whether it be circular, quadrilateral, or any other shape desired. An ideal ground shape for the installation of the FLEX-R- CISER is the ellipse, as it allows the horses to run straight ahead for part of the course, thus preventing them from being loaded exclusively on one side. Our FLEX-R-CISER provides you with a flexible and dynamic training instrument for your horses.


Data sheet

Breadth x length 12-25m/12-50m > 4-12 horses

  • Driving lattice > closed drive component
  • Electronic brake system > walk-trot control box
  • Direct drive > automatic lubrication system


We take over the supply and assembly of all horse exercisers systems. 

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