Cool + Press - Rapid cooling and massage


The Cool + Press Boot combines regulated cooling and pulsating massage, which are both universally accepted therapeutic procedures. It can be used when the horse is standing still, and when it is moving.

It thus enables fast, effective treatment of the aches, pains and strains that can occur during training and in competition. In addition, it offers the possibility of prophylactic physiotherapy. It allows alternating heat treatment and cooling pain relief, which makes it especially suitable for the treatment of injured tendons, tendon sheaths and suspensory ligaments. Other therapeutic applications include the treatment of swollen legs (inactivity oedemas) and acute traumas. Because of its compact design and remarkable portability, Cool+press Boot can be used in a variety of settings instead of complicated and cost-intensive technologies such as water baths and cooling-compressor treatment systems.

» Mounty products are an indispensable part our stable equipment. We use them day in day out. As well as making our work routines that bit easier, they provide welcome relief from exertion for both horse and rider. «

Frank Ostholt
Eventing rider, Head of the Federal Performance Center
of the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) 

After injuries and breaks in training, Mounty® will help your horse regain muscle Massage strength - without any stress.

Three possible massage settings available. Mounty Massage® requires no maintenance. Mud and dirt can be cleaned off the system's hardwearing cover with a brush and water. MOUNTY Sport Products' tried and tested Mounting Aid is the perfect complement to the Mounty Massage® system. It too will reduce the strain on your horse's back.

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