Horse Exercisers Accessories

Optional accessories for the horse exerciser include shock device equipment, a programmable control box and an automatic lubrication system.


Walk Control box WCB 1.1   


Ensures sufficient daily exercise for your horse. An adjustable time-switch clock for direction-change is standard. The speed is easily adjustable by means of the waterproof speed regulator.


Walk-trot control box WCB 2.2 


Ensures a controlled training regime for your horse. By means of a two-step switch you can choose between the exercise modes “walk only” and “walk-trot”. All time settings can be effortlessly regulated by means of the built-in clock.


Programmable walk-trot computer WTCB 3.0 

You can exercise your horses with the greatest of ease in the horse exerciser. Every step is programmable so that endless combinations are open to you. The number display and arrow navigation make for simplicity of control.


Shock device set SDCE10 


The shock device equipment for the electrification of the driving lattices comprises shock device, 16m buried cable and earth rod with clamp. Separation lattice light, shockproof and horse-friendly


Type HE SF215 constructed from aluminium horizontal pipe with 10 light, current-carrying impact-proof drop rods.      




Type HE SF216 VM Lightweight impact-proof horse-friendly drift fence with sight modification, especially suitable for stallions.   



Irrigation System The irrigation system ensures for the fact that hoof impact remains dust free. By that place a spraying arm on one of the driving lattice transverse pipes the hoof impact. 


Lubrication mechanism HE ALS The A.L.S. is an efficient, electromechanical lubrication mechanism (50 to 60 bar), including LCD screen and various control functions for the automation and centralization of the grease lubrication. The mechanism is refillable by means of a grease cartridge and an accumulator set. The system comes with couplers, hose and connector for ball bearings. 


Rubber floors A rubber floor has an insulating effect. For the horses this means less cold from below, thus reducing the risk of rheumatism, muscular complaints and stiffness. And thanks to the sound insulation, there is more peace and quiet in the stable! The rubber floors improve the surefootedness of the horses, support their hoof mechanism, and take the strain away from ligaments and joints. The range of application


  • Stable alleys
  • Horse exercisers
  • Horse boxes
  • Solariums and wash stands
  • Animal clinics
  • etc...

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