Riding Ground care devices and more

Arena leveller

Columbus has  the proper appliances for the care of your riding groundin its programme; with them you can quickly and effectively carry out the day-to-day maintenance of your riding ground. Thorough and constant care for all riding grounds: loosening, mixing, smoothing and crumbling in one quick step with our arena levellers.


Crumbling- /Lattice roller

The welded framework is absolutely stable, the construction indestructible. The curry-comb tines are arranged in two staggered rows. Their job is to loosen up riding ground which has been compacted by the beat of hooves and to mix the material thoroughly. When the towing vehicle gains speed, these tines begin to vibrate and work like a kitchen mixer. By means of numerous adjusting elements the arena leveller can be accommodated to any condition or depth of ground, to heavy or light terrain, or to a high or flat surface. The crumbling- /lattice roller smoothes every little lump, distributes, loosens and smoothes the ground completely. Besides it realigns the appliance continuously.



Wake technology


Swivelling Mechanism
The conventional leveller with its rigid attachment tends to shift the ground to the middle of the arena. Thanks to their special construction, our arena levellers counteract this inevitable migration of the ground. The swivelling mechanism of the planner makes it possible to work in curves without shifting the ground. So the operator can circumnavigate the arena without any adverse effect on the quality of maintenance.



Hoof path side plough


Quick and flat
The hoof path side plough is special made for flattening the hoof path which is made by the horses on the sides of the arena. Having a cut out at one side it is very suitable for the Safety Wall. You can quick and easy flatten your arena surface sides without starting a tractor or other arena flattening machinery.

  • Perfect for quick flattening of arena sides
  • No hassle with moving the jumps wile flatten the arena
  • Quick and easy
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Pulling hardness is adjustable by angle of blade
  • Disassembled for transport
  • Special side bumping rubber


Lamp posts

It could not be simpler! Our lampposts (height 8m) have the unique property of being tiltable! The great advantage of this is that the lamp is easier to reach when bulbs need to be changed or cleaned. All lamps should, after all, be changed twice a year to ensure an optimal lighting effect. Only two people are needed to tilt the lamppost: expensive work platforms and dangerous climbing exploits are things of the past. A further advantage of the tilt system is that it makes for a relatively light construction. The light construction keeps costs low, and means that you can erect the lamppost yourself with ease.


We take over the supply and assembly of all Materials. 

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