Ebb & Flood Riding Ground

Ebb & Flood System

Horse riding always under the same conditions.
The “water-steered “riding ground provides ideal riding conditions for horse and rider. Thanks to the ingenious water regime of the system, it is never too wet or too dry. After heavy rain the puddles formed quickly disappear, and after a long dry period the ground never becomes dusty.


The quality of a riding ground depends mainly on the sand. The underground sand ensures a quick and even distribution of the water in the under most layer of the riding ground. The sand in the upper layers is characterised by high stability and good water permeability. The “water-steered“ tidal ground: horse riding as if on the beach.


A natural substance

With our natural riding ground we provide you with a very strong and stable surface with integrated, invisible irrigation. The water level of the top sand is automatically adjusted. You no longer need to worry about the humidity of your riding ground! This unusual product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor riding surfaces and is the ideal ground for dressage, jumping, driving sport, etc.!


Construction procedure

The construction procedure for an ebb & flood riding area:

  • Removal of the existing ground
  • Fitting out of the pump pit for regulating water intake and expulsion
  • Laying down of the waterproof foil
  • Re-laying of the drainage system
  • Application of the sand substrate
  • Application the top sand layer
  • Fitting of the pump system
  • Construction of various kinds of surround


We take over the supply and assembly of all riding grounds systems. 

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