Additional Materials

An essential property of riding grounds is that they spare the joints and ligaments of the horses and enhance the ride for horse and rider. For this reason Columbus set out to discover high-quality and recyclable additives which would improve the horse’s foothold and enhance the elasticity of the top sand besides minimising the hooftrail and reducing the strain on the ligaments and joints of the horse. The stability and resilience of the riding ground are thus increased.


Geo Fibres

Our Geo Fibres optimise the top sand, minimise the hooftrail and compensate for inequalities in the composition of the riding ground. The Geo Fibres are worked into the top sand and are available in the colours white and green. In quartz sands or top sands which are too deep, the 1-2cm large Geo Fibres give optimal stability and a firm foothold. The resilience of the riding ground is improved noticeably. Ideal for your new riding area or for the redevelopment of your existing riding area, our Geo Fibres are the perfect choice. Our additives are suitable for all outdoor areas, paddocks, as well as for lunge rings or indoor riding arenas.


Easy resilience

The amount required is approx. 2,5-4 kg per m2 (14 cm) top sand.
The material is delivered in packaged bundles on one-way pallets.

  • Improved foothold
  • Optimized absorption and storage of moisture
  • Effective compensation for inequalities in the composition of the grounds
  • Increased resilience of the top sand
  • Decreased dust formation
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Frost-resistant - Recyclable
  • UV-proof
  • Durability


Cocotop a Natural product

Columbus product range includes a natural fibre-rich material whose properties are ideal for ensuring an extremely sturdy and stable riding ground: Cocotop is mixed into the sand, thus increasing the stability of the ground. Cocotop is suitable not only for new riding grounds but also for optimising and stabilising existing riding grounds. A 100% natural product, environmentally friendly and highly durable.

  • High stability
  • Good resilience
  • Durability
  • Ease of application
  • Affordability


We take over the supply and assembly of all riding grounds Additional Materials. 

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