White Sand Riding Ground

 A high-quality riding ground withstands even the most extreme demands put on it. In any situation you can rely on your Columbus riding ground! Whether your riding arena is indoors or outdoors, our riding ground system will satisfy you beyond your expectations! Our special sand mixture, as well as our high-quality maintenance equipment, and of course our long years of experience of riding ground, all contribute to your advantage!


Are you planning a new riding ground?
Are you considering improving your existing riding ground?

In both cases Columbus is the partner for you. We have all the equipment and know-how necessary to design the perfect riding ground for you. If you wish we can replace your old top sand with new, or plan and build a new riding ground for your indoor or outdoor arena. From the earthwork to the substrate (e.g. Eifel lava) and the top sand, you can order everything from us.


Do-it-yourself assembly

The requirements of a new riding ground are extremely complex. It must, for example, be springy and at the same time afford a firm grip on a skid-proof surface, but without reducing the horse’s speed too much. Furthermore, it must be usable in all weather conditions, so that it must be capable of absorbing heavy rain while not becoming dusty in dry weather.


Columbus riding ground the ideal surface for:

  • Dressage-, jumping places
  • Riding areas of all kinds
  • Indoor riding arenas
  • Lunge rings
  • Horse exercisers



Advantages of our grounds:

  • High stability
  • Good resilience
  • 100% natural product
  • Durability
  • Ease of assembly
  • Affordability


We take over the supply and assembly of all riding grounds systems. 

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