Fence Systems for Private, Industry or Sport Plants

Since 2001 we have extended our product range concerning fences due to the active demand. We co-operate with the European market leaders in the fields: fence construction, area protection and entrance solutions. All products are certified according to DIN ISO-9002 and VCA. We offer security on your area to you and install your fence systems. Those are surely, user friendly beautifully and functional. With our fence systems you have one concern less!


Steel fence systems:

  • Rasterade wire mesh fence
  • Educade (SECURE) particularly for schools, kindergartens and creches
  • Carrade Staff lattice mat fence
  • Barricade Front lattice fence
  • Rondisade Front lattice fence
  • Palissade Front lattice fence, Blockade low fence system, which SECURES however is not noticeable
  • Floriade low fence system, which SECURES however is not noticeable
  • Olympiade safe fence system for athletes and public
  • Nomade for temporally limited fence, building site fences


Carrade/Baricade/Educade/Rondisade/Pallisade Single- and double gates, rolling pushing and rail gates
Octaliner/Decaliner/Megaliner of rail gates Electrical control and monitoring for your working reliability.

Colors in all ral tones possible.


We take over the supply and assembly of all fence systems. 

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