Elektra Raster

Our Elektra Raster is an imposing fence which is particularly suitable for large meadows. The Elektra raster system consists of sturdy plastic posts with holes through which an electric wire can be drawn. Insulators and external attachment handles are not necessary. The electric wire is resistant to wear and tear and requires no tightening for years.


Columbus has furthermore a complete electric wire assortment. Of course, for your electric fence to function optimally, it must be installed correctly. Columbus can place specially trained staff at your disposal to take care of the assembly. If you should choose to assemble it yourself, one of our co-workers will be glad to give you professional guidance.


  • Wear and tear free
  • Straight and good looking fence
  • Safe
  • Low cost benefits
  • Easy to install


We take over the supply and assembly of all fence systems. 

You can find more information under Download or Projects
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