Artwood / Landscape

Artwood Fence

Fences of Columbus harmoniously combine beauty with functionality. The Columbus fences have several aspects in common: representative, safe, durable and easy to maintain. New in our product range is Artwood Fence. The Artwood Fence is a fence with vinyl profiles that have a shell of a wood compound. This combines the great advantages of a vinyl fence (safe, durability, environmentally friendly, hardly any maintenance)


Landscape Fence

Columbus combines with Landscape Fence the benefits of polymer with the natural looks of wood. The renewed Landscape Fence consists of polymer Artwood posts with wooden poles. The Artwood posts consist of polymer with a shell of wood compound. The poles are North-European coniferous wood, milled and impregnated. The distance between the posts of Landscape Fence is 2,5 or 3m.


  • Elegance
  • Safety
  • Longevity
  • Ease of maintenance



We take over the supply and assembly of all fence systems. 

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