Dressage Area

Columbus has three different surrounds to offer for dressage areas. Our dressage area surrounds are perfectly finished and simple to install. Matching dressage letters are of course also available in our programme.



Measured from the upper edge, the height of the posts above the soil is 35cm and 60cm for 1-rail and 2-rail constructions respectively. For a stable and long-lasting assembly the posts are sunk 65 cm deep in the soil, giving maximal stability to the whole.


A further dressage area surround consists of cones (1 transverse rail); the transverse elements are inserted into the cones. Its compactness and lightness make the dressage area surround easy to assemble and dismantle. It is also possible to mount a dressage area surround on an existing edging.


  • Functional
  • Attractive design
  • Meticulous workmanship
  • Stable construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple assembly
  • 20 years’ warranty


We take over the supply and assembly of all fence systems. 

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