Stable and finery place

Adjustable waterarm WA

Adjustable waterarm including hoze, gun and fixings.



Water heater

Warm water in 2 seconds, the water heater is customized for the water use of washing your horse with warm water. Ideal for stables without any tap warm water. It warms only the water you use therefore these units are having a very low energy consumption. Available as 230V and 400V Version.


Safety tie post 1806

Safety tie post 1,5 meter with internal spring including rope and panic shutter. Including all fixings



Standard tie post 1807 

Tie post with 1 or 2 eyelets, 1.5 meters long, inclusiv ball top and all fixings.


Rubber floors

A rubber floor has an insulating effect. For the horses this means less cold from below, thus reducing the risk of rheumatism, muscular complaints and stiffness. And thanks to the sound insulation, there is more peace and quiet in the stable! The rubber floors improve the surefootedness of the horses, support their hoof mechanism, and take the strain away from ligaments and joints.


The range of application

  • Stable alleys
  • Horse exercisers
  • Horse boxes
  • Solariums and wash stands
  • Animal clinics
  • etc. …

We take over the supply and assembly of all accessories. 


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