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Horse boxes

Nowadays high standards are required of horse boxes. First and foremost, horse boxes must afford protection. Furthermore, a box must be large stable, safe and durable. Horse boxes must be functional, so that they can be cleaned out without problems arising. Columbus horse boxes meet these requirements exactly.


Indoor boxes

The box walls consist of a closed steel construction with hardwood panelling in the lower part and bars at the top. The partition walls are of course also available with hardboard panelling at the top. As an alternative to hardboard, the walls can also be panelled with planks of recycled plastic. The sliding doors are suspended from heavy continuous rails with double rollers. The boxes consist of single wall elements, so that they can be completely dismantled. The front walls are fitted with a steel rail profile at the top, from which the sliding doors are suspended.



In the event of a removal or a conversion of the stable, the walls can be re-used at any time. All steel components of the boxes are thermally galvanized. Also available are boxes which after galvanizing can be coated in an RAL colour of your choice. Quality is Columbus foremost concern. We process only the best materials and supply only products of which you and we ourselves can be proud.


Data sheet

Mare box; Height 220cm, thickness of wood 22mm, lattice 22mm Stallion box; Height of 240cm, thickness of wood 38mm, lattice 28mm Special; exclusive boxes custom-built to match the style of your stable


Outdoor boxes

All our box types are of course also available as outdoor boxes. The construction elements are the same. They are given a weather-resistant outer covering and roofing. You have the choice between a saddle roof and a sloping roof. We work from exact measurements, and aim to meet all individual specifications and wishes! From the sturdy and robust basic model to the exclusive custom-made version, you can be sure of getting the best of quality and workmanship.


We take over the supply and assembly of all materials. 

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