The communication system „DTS“ (Wireless Training System) is an ideal auxiliary device for your daily training. You no longer have to shout out loud because the wind at the riding area is blowing in your face. Or because there is too much going on in the indoor arena. The DTS is a complete set which enables the trainer to communicate loudly and clearly with the rider. Transmitter and receiver operate on a legitimate frequency which is approved Europe-wide.

The wireless training system consists of the following parts: 


- 16-channel UHF mini-transmitter with belt-clip 

- Functional, direct microphone with jacket-clip 

- Sturdy earpiece; fits perfectly under a riding helmet
- Automatic drop-in battery charger, charging time 3 to 4 hours 

- 2 leather belt pouches
- 4 1.2 volt batteries NIMH 


We take over the supply and assembly of all materials. 

You can find more information under Download or Projects
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