Roll-Up - A handy device that rolls up bandages quickly and keeps out dirt

Rolled up within a few seconds. Can be used anywhere and at anytime!

- In the tack room or stable yard
- In your trailer or in a horsebox

First, attach Roll-Up® to its wall mounting. Then insert one end of the bandage into the slit on the spindle. Pull the bandage up against the 'arm' switch with both hands to activate. The bandage will now be rolled up as tightly as you require. Dirt (e.g. sand) can be conveniently brushed off the bandage as it is wound onto the spindle. When the bandage is completely rolled up, simply let go. The arm switch drops down, and the powerful motor automatically cuts out. Now remove the neatly rolled-up bandage from the spindle and roll up your next bandage.

Powered from either the mains or a rechargeable battery. Theft protected.

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