Kick Wall „Safety Wall“

The high-quality indoor riding arena kick wall “safety wall“, made from impact-resistant plastic, has been especially developed for indoor riding arenas. Safety and long life are the outstanding features of the „safety wall“, because the safety of rider and horse are always our foremost concern. All riding enterprises are responsible for meeting the safety standards required for indoor riding arenas. With the indoor riding arena kick wall „safety wall “you are on the safe side.


The use of specially developed impact-resistant plastic makes damage to the „safety wall“ indoor riding arena kick wall almost impossible. The indoor riding arena kick wall „safety wall“ is naturally water-resistant and can be simply hosed down with water. There is no risk of the material rotting, so that our „safety wall “ kick wall, thanks to its longevity, is a safe investment. The surface is smooth and available in any RAL colour.



Nominated for the innovation prize of the Equitana 2009!


Groove and feather/spring



  The „safety wall“ indoor riding arena kick wall:

  • Water resistant
  • Rounded edges
  • Kick-resistant
  • Available In any RAL colour
  • Simple assembly by groove and feather/spring system
  • 5 years’ warranty (on a carry-in basis)
  • Smooth water-resistant surface
  • Needs no special frameworks or similar construction

The Safety Wall door system is an perfect supplement on the Safety Wall. The unique hinge makes sure that your entrance to the indoor arena is accessable without door falling back.


The „Mounty“ mounting aid

Columbus installed from Januay 2011 exclusive in the safety wall, the Mounty automatic mounting aid. This is a world first – one which both horse and rider benefit from in equal measure.  


Mounting Aid The gentle way into the saddle


We take over the supply and assembly of all systems. 

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