The MeRCuRR solarium is constructed from robust, shockproof and heatproof plastic. A special advantage of this horse solarium is that it is so compact that it can be installed practically anywhere. The shape of the MeRCuRR Solariums follows the contours of your horse and thus leaves the animal sufficient freedom of movement. It is not least the elegant design of our MeRCuRR solarium that makes it a genuine enrichment of any riding establishment.


Data sheet Power connection 230 volt /3300 watts Lamps: 22x 150W IR, 4 Fans: weight 25kg Measurements: L=187cm B=118cm H=50cm 






The MaXuSS horse solarium features a high-quality and heat-resistant plastic casing. It consists of three individual parts, the rearmost and foremost of which can be moved separately and thus be accommodated precisely to the contours of your horse.. For reasons of safety, all edges of the MaXuSS solarium are rounded off. In addition the lamps are sunk deep in the casing. The risk of injury to your horse is thus reduced to an absolute minimum.


Data sheet Power connection 230volts / 3500 watts
Lamps: 10x100W IR, 12x 150W IR, 2x 250W IR
Fans: 6, weight 40kg
Measurements: L=240cm B=130cm H=80cm 


MaXuSS Pro Edition

The MaXuSS Pro edition is an extension kit with additional side modules. 6 more sections, each with 2 lamps and a fan, are installed at the sides of the solarium. Altogether 1200 to 3000 watts additional capacity are feasible. The individual modules can also be fitted with warm-air blowers. These extension elements are optional and can of course be fitted to the standard MaXuSS at any subsequent time.


Data sheet Pro
Power connection 230 volts /1400 watts
Lamps: 12x100W IR
Fans: 6, weight 20kg
Measurements: L=240cm B=35cm H=80cm 



Colour therapy for Columbus Solarium
In colour therapy, colours are used to induce a state of harmony in your horse. The basis of colour therapy is „the energy system“ of the horse, a concept known to Far Eastern healing methods and to many religions for thousands of years. The system is based on the assumption of a number of energy fields existing in and around the horse.

BLUE Colour: calming and relaxing
RED Colour: stimulating and vitalizing
GREEN Colour: calming and stabilizing
YELLOW Colour: healing and activating 


1. Basic: 9xLED automatic green, yellow, blue, red changing colours each 30 Sec.

2. Full Size: 9xLED every colour you wand (picture example colour therapy in "MeRCuRR")



Do you wish a heat blower for your Solarium! Zephyr, the healing warm-air blower In ancient Greece, Zephyros was the west wind, which was felt to be light and to have healing properties. A good choice of name for the „Zephyr “, which produces a gentle breeze. The Zephyr has a warm-air fan at both sides, with which you can blow-dry your horse after washing it.
-18 KW drying power
- fast drying
-adjustable air flow


Data sheet Power connection: 400 volts Wattage of blower: right/left 9kw, weight 40kg 



These days a solarium is a very common seeing item in the stables and is used for getting horses in top condition. Now you can do this also during competition with the Q-Line horse box solarium.


The heavy duty build solarium is compact and slim. Using very sophisticated infra red lights the solarium build in height is very shallow. The infra red lamps are build in special casings which are protected with extra safety glass. The 4 build in air blowers are cooling the lamps and reusing the dissipated heat for quicker drying.


Warming Up
Solariums can help improve your horses performance and condition. The heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation, this improves muscle elasticity, therefore helping recovery from and reduction of injuries. A pre exercise warm up under the solarium will relax muscles and improve training performance by increasing blood circulation.

Solariums help your horse to recover quicker after exercise as the stimulated circulation allows the muscles to absorb blood sugars more quickly and speeds up the elimination of waste products from them. Solariums speed up the drying and warming process before and after exercise or washing down and will add shine to the coat. 



Module Solarium „CY5 –CY23F6“

Why not just piece together your own horse solarium? You might start off with a small model and at a later date simply extend your module solarium. You can decide how many IR lamps and fans to install in your solarium by combining various modules.


We take over the supply and assembly of all solarium systems. ​



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